Advancing EOSC Future’s activities on interoperability framework, digital innovation hub, resource onboarding, and overall quality management.

In 2021 we continued our contribution to the EOSC vision by being a partner in the flagship EU project EOSC Future and supporting specific implementation aspects for the successful delivery of the Project, including the entire migration from EOSC Enhance to EOSC Future. Our key contributions were in the EOSC architecture design governance & interoperability framework, the connection of resources to EOSC and the expansion of EOSC registries across domains, the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub, as well as the overall quality control & risk management of the project.

In particular, JNP has delivered substantial results to the project and to the overall EOSC roadmap, such as the UML Specification for EOSC profiles v4.00, the Sustainability Plan for the EOSC Digital Innovation Hub, the Data Management Plan for EOSC, the entrepreneurship toolkit for European SMEs engaged in EOSC through the DIH, the onboarding and audit for multiple EOSC catalogues, and the continuous quality and risk management support for the project across all activities.