Technology partner in the eInfraCentral project

Recently, we were a key technology partner in the eInfraCentral project with a vision to “ensure that by 2020 a broader and more varied set of users discovers and accesses the existing and emerging e-Infrastructure capacity and e-Infrastructure Services” and aim to structure an open and guided discussion between e-Infrastructures to consensually define a common catalogue for their services.

Based on the bottom-up consultation process eInfraCentral has designed, developed and deployed a service gateway for end-users to browse to the catalogue of services and solve the “last mile” problem. The eInfraCentral Gateway aimed at offering end-users a central entry point/gateway to a harmonized and aggregated service catalogue and an additional distribution channel to e-infrastructures services offered disparately by each e-Infrastructure or other aggregators, including service-level targets and end-user ratings.